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I made a short documentary in 2015 that was a portrait of the man who set up The Clockwork Studios artists spaces in 1985. The studios had commissioned me to make a film that would help them promote the artists however it soon became clear that one mans influence made the studio stand out so we decided to make it a portrait of the man who dreamt it up in 1985, Noel Perkins.

The Clockwork Studios is an inspirational place and unusually for a creative environment it is due almost entirely to one mans influence. Noel Perkins created the studios from scratch in 1985 as a place “for artists to come and play”. Noels love of creativity and respect and subtle encouragement of individuality infuses every aspect of the studio, he has owned and managed it for more than 30 years and everyone who has ever passed through its doors can testify to its unique character.

Noel Perkins Still 28

I interviewed many of the artists at the studio, some had been there since the beginning and their insight into the studios influence on their practice was an aspect we explored however when making the film is was clear to me that Noel was the studio. His spirit defined its atmosphere.

I reasoned that we have seen many films of artists at work, brief clips of craftsmanship is common but the opportunity to make a portrait of the creator of a studio whose influence over 30 years and whose belief that there are ‘other ways of living that don’t involve chasing a career’ is so integral to its existence that this was a rare opportunity that could perhaps make the film stand out.

The Studios are based in Loughborough Junction close to Brixton & Camberwell in South East London. They have a Summer and Christmas Open day and I would encourage anyone remotely intrigued by the film to pay them a visit, details can be found on their website.

Mark McLaughlin Image 14
Dan Kelly Ceramicist
Fletcher Prentice Painter


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