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The Clockwork Studios - Other Ways of living

Dec 10th 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

I made a short documentary in 2015 that was a portrait of the man who set up The Clockwork Studios artists spaces in 1985. The studios had commissioned me to make a film that would help them promote the artists however it soon became clear that one mans influence made the studio stand out so we decided to make it a portrait of the man who dreamt it up in 1985, Noel Perkins.

The Clockwork Studios is an inspirational place and unusually for a creative environment it is due almost entirely to one mans influence. Noel Perkins created ...

We Are loughborough Junction Portrait Exhibition - A film

May 24th 2010 | 0 COMMENTS

We made a film of my outdoors portrait exhibition that was shot during the show while the photographs were mounted on the streets around Loughborough Junction. As we planned how ...

Josh T Pearson live in Brixton, London

Jan 1st 2010 | 0 COMMENTS

Josh Pearson is one of my favourite artists. He used to be in a band called Lift To Experience which produced one classic album, ‘The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads’. For a while Josh simply disappeared.

Josh T Pearson Full Gig at The Windmill, Brixton, December 2009 from Conor Masterson on Vimeo.

Josh T Pearson at The Windmill, Brixton, December 2009.

Almost the entire gig here bar a few memory card changes.

Lush new songs. Wonderful stuff, reverb heavy cascading notes with Andy Young on drums the drummer from Lift to Experience!

And a hat. In fact there were two hats.

I was delighted to come accross him playing solo at the All Tomorrows Parties festival curated by The Dirty Three in 2007. I photographed Josh in London the following week, ...

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