Trees in Ruskin Park

Mar 1st 2011 | 0 COMMENTS

Tress in late summer shot in Ruskin Park on my 5x4 camera last year. Yes its film! I still have a bag full of dark slides or plates.. sheets of film to use up on my last hey ho with shooting film.

This photo gets me stirred about the whole Film Vs Digital hoo ha. My take is this. I have shot for most of my career on film and now I shoot almost everything on digital. Because I started on film I appreciate the need to be decisive. I shoot far too many frames on digital and become very conscious of the lack of pressure. It lets your concentration slip and that is not a good thing. Pressure keeps you sharp, question your decisions. Its always a good idea to ask yourself why am I taking this photograph? Why am I framing this way? What am I trying to say? Your photographs will always benefit from shooting less and thinking more.. within reason. I also know people who think far too much and have lost the plot with thinking way too much so whatever works for you is the right way. Personally I love digital for the opportunity to create without having to spend actual money. It does make me appreciate the value of my time and to realise that its important to consider weather you want to be editing a lot of bad pictures or one great one.

This image is a proof.. I have yet to scan the neg. One of the drags of film, maaaan, is the processing and scanning. Digital has its own pains that go along with file management but I rarely make trips to the lab these days so its in a stack ready to go. I’m sticking it up because sometimes its just good to show photos methinks. Ironically I shot this ‘scan’ with my digital camera. Magic!


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