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Bill as Sir Michael

Oct 11th 2010 | 0 COMMENTS

I shot this for Bill Turpin. Bill is a badass prosthetics guy.

The final retouching was by the Operators. It involved some subtle matching of the grain and treatment to make it look like an original shot from the 60’s

A Sunday Times TV ad for the Abbey Road Special

Aug 31st 2009 | 0 COMMENTS

I shot this for The Sunday Times, they were producing an Abbey Road Special magazine.

We had a wee tour bus with about 20 extras and the crew and we drove all over London to previously scouted locations to shoot different versions of how to cross the road safely whilst wearing fancy dress…

We didn’t shoot on Abbey Road itself by the way, it was more of a tribute to the original.

Fun fact: Michelle is in there wearing a wedding dress 6 months before we were married! (It wasn’t her dress so thats ok, isn’t it?)

Abbey Road Tv Ad for The Sunday Times from Conor Masterson on Vimeo.

TV ad I shot for The Sunday Times.

Photography and production by Conor Masterson
Agency Clemmow Hornby Inge & Partners
Creative Director Mickey Tudor

Aired September 2009

We casted a lot of extras who travelled across London with us on a coach recreating the famous Beatles cover on a variety of crossroads. (We steered clear of the actual Abbey Road crossing!)

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