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These photographs are a short diary of living in London for almost 20 years. As a street photographer I have always tried to treat everywhere as a democratic subject. London with its vast sprawl has a natural energy fed from this hive of villages belying the notion that it is just one city. It is many things. Old, overcrowded, European, multicultural, disrespectful, embracing. It’s alive and it doesn’t care about you but I have enjoyed walking its streets open to its life. I think any city on this scale is easy to hate but if you look and see you can find whatever you want. It’s an energy. You can never capture it. For every photograph I take I am acutely aware of the many moments around me, passing me by, the many lives and stories that churn and churn. Perhaps the joy of recording and choosing an image is the opportunity to look at it and imagine what might be going on, for that moment.

I was born in in Dublin but I feel like a Londoner these days, its my home. I moved there in 1997 and have been taking photographs here wherever I roam. Over the years as a commercial photographer and filmmaker I have shot countless stories there, made portraits of individuals, had exhibitions, worked on all kinds of shoots but the one constant has been my street photography, it is my personal diary of living in London, an unscripted gathering of images, the film I see in my head with all the random elements of real life. I look at these images and see a narrative of living in a huge city with an ancient history and a population that is arguably the most diverse on the planet. With its ethnic diversity and integration you could say living here is as close as you can get to the world without travelling, perhaps! That’s what I see in the photographs and I frequently struggle to explain that in words so I have made a short edit of images to celebrate and share my experience so far… This is my London.


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