Where is Pat Carthy? Looking for Pat - The Crane Bar Poet from 2009

Dec 4th 2014 | 0 COMMENTS

I’m looking for Pat Carthy. All I have to go on is a name in my notebook from the night of an Irish Traditional Music session in The Crane Bar in Galway in November 2009. When I returned to track him down, no one seemed to know who he was let alone where and I’m still searching.

It was a wonderful session as usual for a packed Saturday night in Galway but this moment stood out to me. Pat was a mysterious figure that stood up from nowhere, spoke about fairies and fiddlers playing into the night and entranced us all with his tale before sinking down from view and fading into the night. In the following years this clip has been an inspiration to me and everyone who sees it so much so that I made a film with Irish band The Frames inspired by it. I had shown it to Glen Hansard and we both talked about making an art film in this spirit. I actually used some of this footage in the film because it was so rooted in the idea of artists and creative people performing in a pure moment. My film was about art and creativity and I wanted to show some of the spirit that is essential for creating music and performance. This 6 minutes in Galway seemed to define that for us.

The film is called The Frames In The Deep Shade and it was released in early 2013. I visited The Crane Bar several times looking for Pat but no one seemed to know who he was so if you know him or have an idea where to find him then please get in touch I’d like to share this film with him and thank him for his inspirational performance.

The Frames In The Deep Shade is available now on iTunes or on Qello.com You can buy the DVD in selected retailers or directly from The Frames site.


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